In Italian: "Ipotesi sulla Realtà".
This is both the title of this website and of the book issued in 1991 and 1995.


Science, while exploring the fundamental levels of reality, is discovering the "Unified Field", which in modern theories of physics is the basal entity of the universe and gives rise to any manifestation in nature. At its level matter has lost mechanical properties and has vanished in floating fields of energy.

Since human mind also belongs to reality, obviously it must have correlations with fundamental physics somehow, and therefore to the Unified Field. But any connection in this direction has been conditioned so far, or even obstructed, by "objectivation", on which both science and western mentality are based, and which neglects the crucial importance of human awareness.

The aim of this of this site and of this book is to expose (in a simple way) and to interpret the charming knowledges of modern physics about the nature of reality, and to support, on such bases and through other valid argumentations, the hypothesis that consciousness is a property that derives directly from the Unifed Field - and therefore it holds an essential importance in natural reality -. If this is true, the role of man in the universe and his potentiality would be revalued in a huge measure.

This hypothesis may appear daring and even unusual, but this is because in the western typical impersonal image of reality, due to objectivation, conscious man seems to be an intruder more than the natural expression of the evolution of the universe.

The subject is dealt with an extreme caution, through an attentive and complete analysis of its different aspects - physical, biological, psychological, philosophical and (marginally) even religious -. This work considers the convinctions of the main physicists of the century, such as Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, and particular visions of other scientists, such as Jung, Bohm, Capra, and expecially Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, both a physicist and an Indian Master, who is well known for his teachings (of great practical value) about consciousness.

The depth of the analysis does not prejudice the clearness and the simplicity of the exposition.

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Ipotesi sulla realtà
Il segreto dell'universo

About the author: Fabrizio Coppola, born in 1963, MSc in Physics at University of Pisa, Italy, 1987, and specialization now equivalent to a Ph.D, Pisa 1991, and then BSc in Psychology, Rome, 2009. He collaborated to planning, construction, programming and usage of a super-computer aimed to Quantum Chromo-Dynamics and general gauge theories calculations (APE and then APE100) which in 1991 became the most powerful in the world. At this time, his main field of interest is Psychology: Fabrizio Coppola (in Italian). He has been taking interest in connections between modern physics and oriental philosophy for years.